Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Security Penetration Testing Services

Obtain an accurate understanding of your security and risk posture, while ensuring compliance with industry regulators and information security best practices.

Why choose

  • Independent, Comprehensive and accurate reporting
  • Our team's technical abilities, brightest engineers, best-in-class tools and real-world attack simulations.
  • Extremely thorough methodologies used to identify security vulnerabilities.
  • Protect IT Infrastructure, Assets and Confidential Data from external and internal threats.
  • Improve Network Security by Reducing Vulnerabilities.
  • Exceptional Results
  • Trusted Expertise – we’ve performed countless Security Penetration Tests and IT Vulnerability Assessments.
  • Wireless evaluation – we will test your wireless network as well.

What is Security Penetration Testing

Security Penetration testing identifies organizational IT weaknesses the same way an attacker would — by hacking it. This enables organizations to better understand and ultimately minimize the risk associated with IT assets.

How it Works offers a wide range of Security Penetration Testing services designed to meet your specific needs. Our Vulnerability and Security Assessment services are comprehensive and have many facets. Engagements are scoped to include one or more service lines, such as Penetration Testing, wireless testing, internal and external network evaluation and other services.

Not simply an automated scan. will take testing a step further, just as a motivated hacker would. We attempt to manually exploit every valid security risk in an attempt to give you a complete report on the health of your network security and data vulnerability. Rest assured, once we complete our testing, you will have a comprehensive report and actionable items which may require your attention. Afterward, we can even assist your IT staff in closing the holes we uncover.

External Penetration Testing for Internet-accessible devices and services such as web servers, firewalls, routers, DNS, remote access, etc.

Internal Penetration Testing for internal servers, firewalls, routers and switches, email and DNS services.

Wireless Penetration Testing for your wireless infrastructure, including access points, controllers, firewalls, etc.

Customized Penetration Testing for all other types of infrastructure or devices, will tailor a custom assessment for your environment.

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