Super Notes

The Ultimate Sticky Notes Application!

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    Super Notes also provides:

  • Backup and Restore of all desktop SuperNotes. You can use these backup files to transport SuperNotes from one computer to another, or simply save selected notes for archiving.

  • Several custom desktop themes to choose from, including the standard “cork” backdrop.

  • LiveTiles – Each SuperNote can be turned into a LiveTile, appearing on your desktop and updated with custom colors and the message of the note itself (unless encrypted).

  • Sharing – you can Share SuperNotes with OneNote, email or any other “shareable” application installed on your computer.

  • Encrypt or Decrypt ALL notes with a single button. Immediately makes your entire Note desktop secure with your password.

  • SuperNotes is more than another ordinary Sticky Note application. These unique features make it a powerful, and secure, productivity tool.

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